For Employers

Hiring and training a new employee can be costly. The Wage Subsidy /Training Subsidy can help reduce the cost associated with a new hire by providing an incentive to employers to hire, train or enhance a candidates skills. The Subsidy can often be the incentive an employer needs to hire a candidate that fits the culture, but who may need some training for specific skills.

The subsidy is typically 50% of the new employees wage for a duration of up to 24 weeks.



  •  Assistance in the hiring process by providing qualified candidates
  • Timely reimbursement of new employees’ wages
  • On-going support throughout the wage subsidy period



  • Be in business for one year and provide full-time employment; minimum 35 hours a week
  • Complete a signed agreement PRIOR to the employee starting work
  • Have a WorkSafeBC account and be in good standing; provide on- the-job training, support and supervision as needed


What does the process look like?

Employers can contact the Wage Subsidy Specialist and discuss the position. We can then post the position and see if we have any pre-qualified, suitable applicants we can send you.


An employer can identify a potential candidate that does not have the complete skill set for the position and we can identify if that person may be eligible for wage subsidy

Once a suitable candidate has been found, you will fill out a 2 page application form and a work experience plan designed to outline the skill development for your new employee. The Wage Subsidy Specialist can assist you with this process. Once the application and work experience plan is completed and reviewed the Wage Subsidy agreement can be signed and the new employee can start work. The Wage Subsidy Specialist will follow up every six weeks for the duration of the agreement to help ensure the success of the placement

For Job Seekers



  • Helps participants to go BEYOND their current skill set and apply for jobs they may not be fully qualified for
  • Assistance with job placements and hidden job market
  • Support once a placement has been secured
  • Creates an opportunity for long-term, sustainable employment



You are eligible to become a wage subsidy job seeker if you:

  • Are legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Meet the WorkBC definition of unemployed or underemployed 
  • Are receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or
  • Have received EI benefits that ended in the past five years, or
  • Have received EI Maternity or Parental benefits that began in the past five years, or
  • Have earned more than $2,000 in insurable earnings and paid employee EI premiums on those earnings in at least 5 of the last 10 years (Note: The 5 years do not have to be consecutive years)
  • Be eligible for the Single Parent Employment Initiative


  • Register with WorkLink/WorkBC online ( or in-person
  • Meet with an Employment Advisor to assess your eligibility
  • Attend an Orientation to learn: more about this program; how to market yourself with the program; and obtain a letter to give to employers that outlines the program to them.