The best things in life come after a little struggle.
Sarah is a single mom with two young children ages 1 and 3.   She knew she wanted the best for her young family, but didn’t know how to get the training and experience she needed. “I was feeling so stuck,” Sarah recalled.  So in January she decided to meet with a WorkLink case manager.  Together they came up with a plan for how to turn her passion for helping others into a viable career in nursing.  Sarah is now completing an unpaid work experience at an assisted living residence, and earning accolades from supervisors and residents alike.  “She even learned bridge so there are enough players for the residents’ weekly game” her supervisor explains.  Each shift she works, Sarah is more certain she’s on the right path, and plans to enter training for Health Care Attendant certification by July.  With the money she earns as an HCA, she’ll be on her way towards a career in nursing.  Sarah says when she meets other young mothers she can now inspire them to make a positive life change, too.  Well done, Sarah, on creating a bright future for yourself and your family!