September Workshop Calendar

October Workshop Calendar

Virtual Employment Workshops


You’re Hired! Job Sustainment – NEW

To find the perfect job, you will have to do some thoughtful career planning and ask the right questions during an interview. Once you are offered a position, you will need to learn how to negotiate salary and complete the on-boarding process.  Navigating the first day can be tricky, and during this workshop you find ways to successfully integrate into the culture of your new workplace and conduct yourself with professionalism. As you move through the next six months, how can you make your mark and impress your supervisor and your coworkers? What does it take to be a good employee?  That’s you!


Effective Communication Skills for the Workplace

Good communication skills are the key to success in any workplace.

During this workshop you will learn the characteristics and importance of Active Listening. You will be introduced to the four main Verbal and Social Communication styles and leave this session with more confidence when communicating in the workplace!


Budgeting Essentials 

Take control of your finances and become a better budgeter!

Learn the basic concepts of budgeting and practical ways to manage your money each month. Understand how your spending habits affect your budget, and learn tips and tricks that will help you to find ways to stretch your dollars.

Please keep track of all daily spending from now until the workshop to help guide our thinking for budgeting. Even that daily Tim’s coffee needs to be added to your list!” In addition have a copy of your current budget handy if you have one.


Job Search Techniques Part 1: Networking to Access to the Hidden Job Market

Did you know over 60% of available jobs are not advertised?  Learn how to access employment opportunities beyond job postings!

You will be guided to complete a networking web, research potential employers, write and practice a 30-second introduction, and practice employer cold calls. In addition, you will learn how to use social media to add to your network. Once you know how to access the Hidden Job Market, you can be proactive and more in control of your job search.

Please have a copy of your resume or start thinking about possible employers that offer the type of work you are looking for.

Job Search Techniques Part 2: Using the Internet

Use your research and critical thinking skills to find employers and identify solid employment opportunities using the Internet!

Learn the difference between Search Engines and Job Boards.  Identify secure or questionable websites to protect your privacy and information and discover the best way to apply for jobs using the Internet.


Top-Notch Resume Writing

You need a top-notch resume to get an interview! Create a targeted resume that will make you succeed as a job applicant.

Modules in this workshop include writing the “The Hot Zone”; how to get recruiters to keep reading your resume”, “Employment History”, where you showcase the results, achievements and successes from your past work experience, and “Education, Certifications and References”; include essential information that your potential employer wants to see.

Please have a paper or electronic version of your resume available and a way to save your documents electronically. In addition, if you have a job description for a job you wish to apply, please bring that along.


Accomplishment Statements and Cover Letter Writing

Let your cover letter shine. Learn how to format a professional and easy-to-read document that catches the employer’s attention. 

Writing Accomplishment Statements can be difficult but are necessary to clearly demonstrate how you meet the required core competencies indicated in a job description. You will learn the PAR method for structuring accomplishment statements.

Please have the job description of the position for which you are applying.


Interview Skills

Stand out from the crowd! Feel more confident and deal with interview “jitters”.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the different formats for interviews and learn how to give a good first impression.  Learn possible answers to commonly asked interview questions, particularly those tricky behavioral questions.

Please bring a copy of your resume if you have one available. Previous attendance at the Skills ID or Resume Writing workshop would enable you get maximum benefit from this workshop.


Skills ID – Part 1 | Identifying and Understanding Skills and Competencies – 2 Hours

Learn to identify and clearly articulate your skills on a resume to land that job!

In the first part of this workshop, you will learn the history and research of essential skills, resulting in the seven essentials skills that people need for work, learning, and life identified by WorkBC. We will discuss the difference between skills and core competencies and how these relate to job descriptions.  You will learn to identify your hard and soft skills and competencies and complete a Self-Reflection assignment in preparation for the second part of this workshop.

Please bring a copy of your resume or as much information as possible about your past job descriptions.

Skills ID – Part 2 |Identifying Transferable Skills- 2 Hours

By the end of this workshop you will have a good start on a master list of skill statements that can be used in your job search.  You will learn to clearly articulate your skills and competencies on a resume, during interviews and in interactions with potential employers. Two short videos and a fun quiz are included!


Career Planning – Part 1

Feel more confident and empowered to make employment-related decisions.

You will participate in a variety of career planning activities in order to determine career options and feel more confident about your career decision-making process. We will discuss motivational and work environment factors and how they relate to overall job satisfaction. You will complete a prioritizing grid to determine what values are important to you within your career. In order to determine your personality type and to further your understanding, an optional on-line pre-assignment will be given.

Reflect on what type of jobs you have had in the past and what caused your satisfaction or dissatisfaction within those jobs.

Career Planning – Part 2

Let’s cruise for a Career!

You will be given access to WorkLink’s Career Cruising account and create your own account. Completing several quizzes within this site will result in some suggested occupations for your consideration.  The rest of the morning will be given to you so that you can independently set up your Career Cruising account, complete a few quizzes and explore occupations.  The facilitator will remain available to help throughout the morning.