There are many ways that you can help support those that are looking for work in your community that you may not have considered. At WorkLink, we see employment in a holistic sense; often, job search support reaches beyond the resume. In order to be considered ‘employment ready’ it is important to consider whether job seekers have everything they need to ensure success in a new job: suitable work clothing, ample nourishment and transportation to their workplace, to name a few examples.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of those in our community that are currently contributing in many ways:

 Cobs Bread – Westshore location



Job search requires more than a resume! Job seekers need secure housing, work appropriate clothing and healthy food. Cobs Bread has been providing donations of bread every Monday for many years. We are thankful for their generosity and commend them for supporting their local labour market! ( Formally: Used Victoria )






In 2003, was founded through a desire to reduce the amount of discarded, but still useful, items that were reaching landfills. From there, the site evolved into a cross-Canada classifieds network that enables users to connect in a family-friendly, local environment. For job seekers and employers, offers a free category with employment opportunities in 35 different sectors. The Jobs category ( on all sites is an excellent resource for those seeking work in Greater Victoria, on Vancouver Island and beyond.
Since 2014, has supported WorkLink by promoting local job fairs, employment programs and services on their site.


Are you a LEADER in this community? Are you interested in employment as a societal issue? You may be interested in participating as a Board Member. Contact Peter Doukakis , Executive Director of WorkLink Employment Society for more information by phone 250 478 9525.


For more information or to connect with someone about how you can help, please contact:
Kim Dillon   250 478 9525   or email