Frequently Asked Questions from Employers

Q: What is the background of a START candidate?

A: A START candidate can have a variety of backgrounds including a person who is:

  • new to the area and looking to network with new people
  • seeking their first official job
  • looking for their next career move; a stepping stone job to their career such as trades
  • needing direction on what career might be good fit for their personality, skills and aptitudes
  • interested in fine tuning their communication and team work skills to maintain a job
  • returning to the workforce after being self-employed or a stay at home parent


Q: What type of education and training does a START candidate have?

A: A START candidate may have the following:

  • certified in FoodSafe, First Aid and WHMIS
  • entry level apprenticeship training
  • specialty training such as Legal Assistant
  • completed Grade 12
  • currently completing Grade 12
  • other industry specific tickets


Q: What type of skills does a START candidate bring to the table?

A: A START candidate brings a variety of skills:

  • customer service
  • communication and conflict management
  • organization and time management
  • computer skills: from Basic to Advanced


How does the WAGE REIMUBURSEMENT work?

  • First, the employer would interview and hire the participant just as they would any other potential candidate
  • Second, the employer would confirm in the interview if the participant is a good fit
  • Third, the employer meets with a START job developer to go over the contract for 8 weeks wage reimbursement
  • Fourth, the participant starts working and has a schedule, ideally 30 hours per week
  • Fifth, every 2 weeks or monthly, the employer submits copies of the pay stubs and a claim form to a START job developer, this is processed, and a check is written and either delivered by hand or mailed to the employer


What is the time commitment?

  • 15 minutes to meet with the job developer to sign contract (before start date)
  • A quick weekly contact either email or phone, the employer’s preference (max 15 mins weekly, during the 8 weeks)
  • 15 minutes at the end of the contract to complete an evaluation with a job coach


What if I know by day 2 that the person is not going to be a good fit?

  • There is no consequence ending the contract earlier than 8 weeks if the participant does not work out


What is the role of the job coach during the 8 week time period?

  • To keep in contact to ensure a smooth 8 weeks for both employer and participant
  • To help mitigate any issues such as timeliness or conflicts


How do I sign up?