The most popular and useful job boards are web sites like, and These three site are aggregators meaning that they pull in job postings form many various sources and compile links to them in one place. In most cases when a user clicks on a link they are redirected to a company website to see the posting. They all have similar features but differ in the amount and types of jobs listed. All three allow you to search by location or keyword/job title and have an advanced search option which allows for a more powerful searches. Likewise they all allow you to create alerts/saved searches that can send results to you daily by email. While it might be nice to automate this process a job searcher will probably still have to visit these job boards to make sure they are not missing any relevant jobs as employers will sometimes list jobs in an unpredictable way meaning that the saved alerts may not always find all opportunities.

Indeed and Wowjobs allow users to upload their resumes. In theory this allows for employers to search for resumes but it’s unclear how many employers bother doing this and it may not be worth the risk of putting your personal information on line in this way. If you do avail yourself of this option it would be wise to create a resume for this purpose where the only contact information you list is your name and a hotmail/gmail email address you use only for job search. Indeed has a more liberal approach to this and allows any body (not just employers) to browse resumes.

If you use all three sites for a few days you will quickly notice that there is a great amount of postings that show up on each one so it might seem a waste of time to visit all of them on a regular basis. Each site has its quirks however and I have seen countless job postings that show up on Indeed for example but not the other two. This creates a dilemma for the busy job hunter who doesn’t want to miss an opportunity but who also has a limited amount of time to spend surfing job boards. Every minute spent in front of the computer detracts from time that could be spent contacting employers. The best way to handle this is to use the saved job search/alerts feature and to spend a few minutes each day quickly scanning for new listings. Doing this once a day is more productive than multiple visits.

Indeed is the most robust of the three in my experience as it tends to have more new jobs posted everyday. Many employers are also posting their jobs directly on to Indeed as well. Indeed also has a blog aimed at providing job search tips (but doesn’t have a link to it on the Canadian site). For these reasons Indeed is the best of these three job boards but there is no real reason to ignore the other two.