The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to provide interested and qualified vendors with information to enable them to prepare and submit competitive Proposals to the WorkLink Employment Society for construction project management services, which includes, but are not limited to the Pre-Construction and Construction Phases of this Project.

This RFP is related to the construction of a new WorkLink office located at 2096 Church Road within the District of Sooke. The building’s design and building permits have been secured and we are ready for the next phases of development: construction and close-out. WorkLink anticipates the construction project management services to commence in late August of 2021 for a period covering approximately 10 (ten) months. WorkLink intends to use the results of this solicitation to award one (1) or more Contracts. The Contract(s) will be administered and managed by the Executive Administration team of WorkLink.

Interested parties are welcome to responds with details on how their construction project management; quantity surveyor; and/or construction cost consulting experience and capacity will benefit WorkLink. This RFP document, its attachments, the awarded Proposal(s) and negotiated statements of work will be incorporated into the Contract(s).

Supporting Documents 

 RFP Document

Building Design

Important Dates

September 17th | Proposer Questions & Letter of Intent Due

September 22nd | Proposal Submission Due Date and Time

September 30th |WorkLink Notifies Proposers of Intent to Award Contract & Begins Contract Negotiations

October 7th | Proposed Contract Start Date

October 11th | Proposed Onsite Assessment Component Start Date