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  • Full Time
  • Job Posted on Board: 2 weeks ago
  • May 29, 2020
Bc Transit
Skilled Labour
Pay Rate:
29.15 - $29.15

Reporting the Supervisor Maintenance, the Utility Person performs any duties incidental to garage work.



Perform any duties incidental to garage work which will include, but not be limited to:

  • Assisting Journeypersons in the carrying out of PM inspections (i.e. responsible for draining and refilling all oils, filter replacement and lubricating all necessary parts as per the bus inspection sheet);
  • Perform PM inspections as per the PM inspection sheet;
  • Assisting Tradespersons to carry out minor repairs and adjustments to equipment;
  • Obtaining of parts, tools and supplies;
  • Acting as helpers to Tradespersons in any classification;
  • Maintaining supplies of all bulk fluids (i.e. all oils and antifreeze);
  • Replacing tire shop personal as directed;
  • General garage housekeeping and  in the absence of the Janitor providing general Janitorial duties as directed by supervisor;
  • Perform charge-offs, Pre-trip inspections and other duties assigned by the shift supervisor;
  • Entering of vehicle mileage, inventory and dispersal of lubricants, antifreeze and other products utilizing Fuel Master fluids management system;
  • Assist facilities staff as directed by supervisors;
  • Performing yard operation duties as directed by supervisor;

* Utility Persons may be required to use tools necessary in carrying out their duties, but will not be required to own tools.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

  • The physical demands of the BC Transit Utility Person require manual handling of loads between 10 kg and 35 kg (NOC- HEAVY Strength Requirement) on a frequent basis.
  • Physical demands may include but are not limited to activities such as;
  • Use of hand tools, air and power tools, power washer, hydraulic press, sandblaster, and powered floor cleaner.
  • Lifting between ground level and waist most often, and occasionally overhead, tools and equipment, jack stands, 5-gallon pails of fluids, vehicle parts and equipment.
  • Push /pull/carry of 5-gallon pails of fluids, 45-gallon drums, dolly’s and carts, vehicle parts and accessories, including starters, brake drum assemblies, batteries.
  • Reaching frequently anywhere between ground level and overhead, during vehicle parts installation.
  • Forward and backwards bending frequently required, with occasional trunk twisting when reaching into cramped spaces.
  • Occasional squatting, crouching or kneeling when conducting low-level repairs and service.
  • Combination of walking/standing frequently throughout the day. Occasional static standing while completing repairs and service and/or working on ladders.
  • Climbing portable stairs and ladders
  • Occasional driving – buses, forklift, service van/truck
  • Works inside (frequent, as approx.. 85% of work tasks are completed within the shop -bay)
  • Work outside (occasional, as 15% of work tasks are completed outside when cleaning up leaks or jumpstarting bus in
  • BC Transit yard). The proportion of shift spent outside might be somewhat higher on Night Shift when assisting at Service Island.
  • Works in close proximity to moving traffic (occasional; when working outside within BC Transit yard, or when completing bus ‘charge-offs’ on a route, or during cleanup of fluid spills of oil/coolant / etc. out of bus routes)
  • Exposure to noise (frequent; e.g. sounds of running bus engine, various power tools; and exposure to loud noise associated with tool use by nearby mechanics.
  • Exposure to vibration (frequent; e.g. use of various power tools and certain hand tools)
  • Exposure to exhaust fumes (from buses started in shop or cloud of fumes expelled when shutting off ‘Pro -Heat’);
  • Chemical fumes (associated with an assortment of lubricants, grease, oil, transmission fluids, brake cleaner, fuel, antifreeze, cleaning agents, etc.); airborne particulates (from dust, welding and metal cutting process, sandblaster).
  • The worker may be exposed to hot conditions; wet conditions; or cold conditions when working outdoors.
  • Full completion of high school or equivalent required.
  • A valid driver’s licence – minimum Class 5
  • Class 2 Learners AND a temporary #15 air brake restriction/endorsement required for the first day of employment
  • Ability to obtain a valid Class 2 driver’s licence with air brakes within the probation period and ongoing (on-the-job training provided)
  • Ability to pass a comprehensive ICBC medical examination relating to the Motor Vehicle Act requirement for a Class 2 driver’s licence
  • Submission of current 5-year Driver’s Abstract and 5-year claims experience summary demonstrating safe and responsible vehicle operation, as determined by BC Transit, with your application.
  • The offer of employment is subject to the successful completion of a Post Offer Employment Test (POET) to ensure that the incumbent will be able to carry out all bona fide occupational duties.
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends



  • Mechanical ability or aptitude is desirable.
  • Vocational courses in mechanical or electrical subjects an advantage.
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience will also be considered.
  • An ELTT in Commercial Transport or Heavy Duty Mechanics is preferred.
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