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  • Full Time
  • Job Posted on Board: 2 weeks ago
  • Jun 5, 2020

The Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator coordinates environmental and health program processes and activities to assist the team in maintaining compliance, mitigating and managing environmental, health and safety risks and improving related performance.


Program Coordination for a Facility Team

  • Acts as the first point-of-contact for environmental and health inquiries and incidents.
  • Provides guidance to team members on environmental and health matters, and escalates inquiries, where appropriate
  • Coordinates the implementation of environmental, health and safety programs along with related processes, procedures and resources
  • Coordinates environmental, health and safety activities including but not limited to attending tenant OSH committee meetings, attending environmental committee meetings and activities, undertaking incident investigation and resolution, completing equipment and systems registration, developing emergency response procedures and business continuity planning activities, completing and delivering training, completing annual management system re-registration, managing data and generating reports, and conducting environmental compliance audits.
  • Researches environmental, health and safety matters; provides findings and recommendations.
  • Maintains and assists with the creation of environmental, health and safety documentation including but not limited to plans, processes, forms, logbooks, and procedures.
  • Supports the team in Construction activities (Project and O & M) by creating, distributing, verifying and maintaining documentation such as instruction sheets, check lists, forms, and training materials for all Contractors before services begin.
  • Conducts regular inspections of facilities to mitigate any Environmental regulatory issues and/or Health and Safety Concerns before an incident or service call is received.
  • Maintains business continuity and emergency management plans and procedures
  • Participates in field inspections, job observations, health, safety and environment audits and other types of reviews for the purpose of monitoring compliance to environmental and health regulations and identifying risks. Provides findings about risks and suggestions for improvement.

Incident Investigation, Resolution & Reduction for a Facility Team

  • Assists in the investigation and resolution of incidents including root-cause analysis and providing probable causes of incidents and recommendations for resolution
  • Coordinates the implementation of corrective and preventative measures
  • Assists in the identification and analysis of trends. Communicates observations and provides suggestions for incident reduction measures

Audit Compliance, Data Maintenance & Reporting for a Facility Team

  • Maintains all environmental, health and safety data including but not limited to incident data, and regulatory and process compliance data within applicable databases and all other types of information storage systems
  • Assists in the audit of compliance records and all other environmental, health and safety data
  • Prepares and distributes various environmental, health and safety related reports including but not limited to incident reports
  • Experience with database development, programing and maintenance considered an asset
  • Other duties as assigned

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MINIMUM EDUCATION: High school completion plus a specialized technical or business course. Post-secondary diploma in relevant field of study considered an asset.

JOB-RELATED EXPERIENCE: More than one year up to three years

Knowledge & Skills

  • Strong background in environmental management system development and administration, with knowledge of environmental regulations and environmental compliance auditing an asset.
  • Certification in one or more of the following – Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety; Certificate in Environmental Management through a Community College; University degree in Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies
  • 1 to 3 years of environmental, health and safety work experience
  • Understanding of environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements
  • Understanding of emergency management requirements
  • Strong organizational and coordination skills along with ability to coordinate multiple requirements (i.e. processes, activities, projects, emergency response procedures, etc.) simultaneously
  • Strong communication skills along with some ability to influence stakeholders
  • Strong administrative skills along with ability to maintain and report accurate data
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to exercise good judgment
  • Able to work independently but provide strong support to the team as and when requested

Licenses and/or Professional Accreditation

Demonstrates an interest in attaining one or more of the following would be considered an asset:


  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional from Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
  • Certified Health & Safety Consultant from Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Business Continuity:

  • Certified Business Continuity Planner from Business Continuity Management Institute