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  • Full Time
  • Job Posted on Board: 2 weeks ago
  • Feb 3, 2020
Red Lion Inn and Suites
Food / Hospitality / Customer Service
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Company Introduction:

Red Lion Inn and Suites has been in Victoria since 1965. In additional to its 100 rooms, the hotel features Sports Lounge, a Beer and Wine Store and a Chinese Restaurant. The Hotel currently has 50 plus employees.


Recruit and supervise staff, oversee training and set work schedules
Resolve customer complaints
Manage and coordinate housekeepers.
Prepare budgets and monitor expenses for room services department.
Make suggestions, assist in developing policies and implement procedures for the room services department.
Upon arrival, pick up reports from Front desk, these include: Arrivals Report, In House Room report, and Room Status report. The Front desk staff will also indicate any areas of concern or special requests from guests.
Based on In House Room report, schedule staff accordingly, common areas must also be cleaned, these include hallways, lobby area, business center, as well as Guest Laundry room.
Make sure all staff have arrived and hand out their assigned rooms/areas to be cleaned.
Check inventories of all cleaning supplies and linen stock to ensure adequate supplies, and make orders if need be.
Do room inspections to ensure all staff are maintaining high work quality, have the room done by youself or by staff if standards are not met, and in case of  something was missed during cleaning.
Schedule periodic deep cleaning of rooms as required, such as carpet cleaning, cleaning of baseboards, walls, and windows.
Always be in touch with Front desk, there may be early check ins, an item being left in a checked-out room that needs be found and sent back to guest.
Ensure guest rooms are properly secured and that proper key control procedures are utilized by the housekeeping staff.
During busy  time, it is necessary to clear at least 4 rooms /day to make sure that all the rooms are  clearned and inspected before 3pm.
Review the housekeeping points on guest feedback forms, take action on guest complaints and also share guest compliments with staff members.


Qualifications and skills:
A university degree or college diploma in hotel management or other related discipline is required.
Experience within the accommodation industry are required.

Terms of Employment: Full time permanent position. 40 hours per week.

Wage: Basic Wage is $22 per hour.

Location of Work: Red Lion Inn and Suites, 3366 Douglas St. Victoria, BC V8Z 3L3

Contract Information
If you are interested in this position, please email us with your resume and cover letter to our email redlion3366@outlook.comby referring applying for  Room manager - accommodation services. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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