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  • Full Time
  • Job Posted on Board: 5 months ago
  • May 31, 2019
Karnail Singh Blueberry Farms Ltd.
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Supervise the day to day activities of the Blueberry Pickers in the different fields.
Supervise the spraying of the blueberry plants with herbicides and fungicides while following all safety regulations and Food Safe requirements.
Ensure the Blueberry Pickers have clean buckets, containers, and flats to pick the fruit in.
Confirm that the daily driver log books are filled out and all vehicles are safe to operate.


Have pruning knowledge to prune the plants in the fall when the plants are dormant.
Have farm equipment knowledge and be able to operate tractors, trucks, and to use spray tankers.
Have general irrigation system knowledge and be able to manage plant water intake.
Have a valid drivers license.
Have a First Aid certificate.
Have a good understanding of farming and farm practices.
Have good communication skills.
Have the ability to work well with others.