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  • Full Time
  • Job Posted on Board: 1 month ago
  • Aug 31, 2019
Food / Hospitality / Customer Service
Pay Rate:
Annual Salary: $40,000 CAD
No. of Jobs:
Job Post Date:

Parlez-vous français ? Nous sommes à la recherche de Gurus afin d’aider notre communauté grandissante de marchands français 🙂 Votre temps sera partagé entre répondre aux emails en Français et répondre à nos marchands anglophones, en Anglais. Intéressé ? Continuer la lecture pour plus d’info !

The Customer Success Guru role challenges and supports you, so that you can help empower entrepreneurs around the world. You will be supporting English and French Merchants through live chats, phone calls, and emails. Working remotely allows you to join a growing tech company, without relocating.

Although we’re spread across various countries and timezones, it doesn’t feel like it. We’ve invested in small teams, so you have the personal connections and tools to thrive in your role here. After all, we help businesses thrive and grow, so we want you too as well!

A few more details:

We keep it real – It’s not just tech support, it’s people support. It won’t always be easy, but if you’re resourceful, ask questions, and enjoy having genuine human conversations, you may have just found your dream team.

We’re remote first – Working remotely with Shopify makes it possible to be part of a growing tech company, without relocating. Do fulfilling work, make a real impact, and own your role with the Shopify Support Team from the comfort of your home.

We’re business coaches – We don’t just solve problems, we help businesses grow and thrive. Our team doesn’t do pushy sales, but we do strive for needs based sales solutions to help merchants get on the right Shopify plan to scale their business and succeed.

We work together – We may not be in the same cities, but we act like it. We’ve invested in small remote teams and strong communication tools to ensure you have the resources to succeed in your role at Shopify — no matter what city you are in!

You’ll get to:
– Have a huge impact on merchant businesses and lives.
– Learn how to run your own store first hand.
– Teach people about the platform.
– Interact with entrepreneurs from all over the world.
– Be yourself.


You'll need to:
- Live in Ontario or British Columbia.
- Be bilingual in French and English, able to provide verbal and written support in French, and verbal and written support in English.
- Be proficient with technology.
- Care about the details.
- Be a good communicator.
- Have strong reading & writing skills.
- Have a track record of being resourceful and getting sh*t done.
- Be able to work under pressure.
- Be empathetic.
- Have a stable internet connection.

It'd be great if you have:
- A background or interest in business, marketing, retail, or sales
- Ran or had exposure to running a business or being an entrepreneur.

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