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Sarah’s Success…

Posted on May 29, 2017

The best things in life come after a little struggle.
Sarah is a single mom with two young children ages 1 and 3.   She knew she wanted the best for her young family, but didn’t know how to get the training and experience she needed. “I was feeling so stuck,” Sarah recalled.  So in January she decided to meet with a WorkLink case manager.  Together they came up with a plan for how to turn her passion for helping others into a viable career in nursing.  Sarah is now completing an unpaid work experience at an assisted living residence, and earning accolades from supervisors and residents alike.  “She even learned bridge so there are enough players for the residents’ weekly game” her supervisor explains.  Each shift she works, Sarah is more certain she’s on the right path, and plans to enter training for Health Care Attendant certification by July.  With the money she earns as an HCA, she’ll be on her way towards a career in nursing.  Sarah says when she meets other young mothers she can now inspire them to make a positive life change, too.  Well done, Sarah, on creating a bright future for yourself and your family!

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Another Success…

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Keep 'em cleanThe best part of my job as a Supported Employment Program staffer is when I feel excluded and bored.  My job is to assist people with barriers to employment find their place in the workforce.  I had the pleasure of witnessing true inclusion when I stopped by Reg Midgley Motors last week to see how our client, Richard, was doing in his new job as a lot attendant.

Through his work search with our program, Richard told us he was open to working in a few different occupations, but one thing was clear: he wanted to work within a team, feeling valued and included.  When Richard first started with Reg Midgley, he had an on-the-job coach from WorkLink come and assist with his training and orientation.   After the first couple of weeks though, the team at Reg Midgley felt he was ready to be independent from our direct involvement.   So today was just a chance for me to check in.  When I arrived at the dealership, the manager Jim again reiterated that WorkLink’s services weren’t needed; Richard was doing well and they were happy to continue to help him learn his job.   I told him I thought Richard felt like he was just “one of the guys.”  “He is one of the guys,” Jim corrected.  And with that I knew it was how it should be; I was on the outs, and Richard was in.

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