In the last installment of this series we will look at some other types of job boards that can be useful. These consist of niche, industry, employer and national job boards that curious job seekers should be aware of.

Workopolis and Monster are job boards that are particularly useful if you are searching for work in other parts of Canada. Of the two, Workopolis has consistently more jobs posted for the Greater Victoria area. Like some of the job boards reviewed earlier in this series, both these sites provide the option of registering which allows you to save searches, create alerts and upload resumes. It may not be worth your time to visit both of these sites every day. Checking them one or twice a week will probably suffice. If you are not opposed to creating yet another user profile, registering for job search alerts might prevent you from missing relevant opportunities.

 If you are restricting your job search to a specific sector or industry, there are numerous niche job boards that are important to be aware of. VIATEC (Victoria Advanced Technology Council), for example, hosts a job board that focuses on the local technology sector. As of this writing, the VIATEC board has over 100 postings from local tech firms. Many of the jobs involve computer programming and web-design, but they also contain sales and administration jobs. This is one niche job board that should be on your radar given the variety of postings.

 Other boards specialize in the tourismenvironmental, non-profitscommunications and mining sectors for example. Google searches that look for Canadian or BC-based sites may help you find ones specific to your field. These types of boards tend to be fertile ground for job seekers as some employers use these sites exclusively to post new jobs. Checking how many postings a site has at any given time and how often new ones are posted will give you a good idea if it is worth your time.

Another good source of job postings is employer websites. Some of the largest employers on Vancouver Island (VIHA, the Provincial government, Thrifty Foods, UVIC, etc) all maintain boards where they post new opportunities. If you have targeted a specific employer, it’s a good idea to see if they maintain an online job board.