When it comes to landing a new job, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Preparing in person is one thing but with virtual meetings becoming the new normal, individuals have to prep themselves that much more. Learn from these 9 virtual interview tips to help you ace your next job interview!

9 Useful Tips To Master Your Next Virtual Interview

    • Sit in your office or at your dining room table, rather than on your couch.
    • Clear clutter out of the background to present an organized image.
    • Many video meeting platforms allow you to use a “fake background” to hide your actual background.
    • Be conscious of lighting. Avoid sitting in front of a window, as your image will be shaded.
    • Sit back a bit so that the viewer can see your torso, and not just a close-up of your face. consider sitting off-set, rather than head-on.
    • Test the video platform first, to ensure your connection works.
    • Be early to the platform, like you would to any interview.
    • Provide a phone number the interviewer can reach you at, in case the video conference connection cuts out.
    • Ensure your computer is close to your modem, to maximize your connection. Or, purchase a Wi-Fi booster
    • Bonus Tip: Join one of our free virtual employment workshops or visit WorkBC.ca to see commonly asked interview questions.